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Our Story

One uneventful summer day two years ago, new friends Maggy and Erika were on the phone, cursing the East coast heat and humidity, talking about coconut ice cream, and lamenting the fact that all the interesting food blogging events seemed to take place out west. “It would be nice if they did something in the East coast as well,” said Erika. True to form and without skipping a beat, Maggy responded, “Well, maybe we just have to make that happen ourselves. Go grab your calendar.”

That year, with less than 4 weeks of planning and a small budget, Big Summer Potluck was born. We had limited resources and even less experience but in the end, it mattered little. Being surrounded by the incredible spirit brought by each of the 35 or so brave souls who came more than made up for it. We spent an entire day together at the home of Pam Anderson, who graciously taught us, fed us, and gave us a place to hang out. Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life was our very first keynote speaker, and her message of authenticity and honest courage still rings true today. By the time evening rolled by, we were fast friends who bonded over meatless muffalettas, donut muffins, and confessions of trepidation about this new thing we were all doing called blogging.

The size and scope of our event has grown a bit from that humble beginning but the spirit remains the same. Each year, we are happy to welcome back old friends who’ve attended our event before, including sponsors who have supported us from the start. Each year, we look forward to the thrill and excitement of meeting many new friends. After all, each potluck has its own special flavor because of the unique group of people who come and spend the weekend with us.

Some things have become BSP fixtures: a meal (or two) at the Anderson home, an open mic session where all you have to do is raise your hand to be heard, and of course, everyone’s amazing potluck offerings. Every time we organize one of our potlucks, we work hard to craft a program of food, instruction, and inspiration for everyone. But the truth is, our events belong to you more than they belong to us. They always have. In the end, we simply provide the setting and the space. It is the community you create that makes Big Summer Potluck what it is.

Thank you for coming.

Hugs all around,
Maggy, Erika, and Pam